Sketchy Rolls Build It & Sell It (BS) is a progressive creative drawing & storytelling game for ages 8 to over 80

Drawing & Storytelling - it is BS

No artistic skill required.
Laughter is guaranteed.

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make memories

unforgettable laughter

sharpen storytelling

drawing improv

become more creative

brain aerobics

Sketchy Rolls BS - Build It & Sell It


Sketchy Rolls is not just a game, it's a tool for personal growth. This creative and interactive party game blends drawing, improvisation, and salesmanship into a fun memory-maker. It’s a progressive drawing where everyone contributes, stays engaged, and laughter is guaranteed. Two of the top in-demand skills today are creativity and communication. Use Sketchy Rolls BS Edition to strengthen your creativity muscle and persuasive improv skills.


Sketchy Rolls BS is designed for ages 8 and up but we encourage adapting the rules for younger children to keep them in the game.

In Sketchy Rolls BS Edition, players are always drawing, passing, and adding to someone else’s drawing. The challenge is taking multiple different Theme Cards and finding a way to contribute to each players’ scene in a wacky way. But the challenge doesn’t end there. You’ll have to SELL your original drawing plus the wacky additions other players contributed. Points are awarded for the wackiest scene and wackiest sales pitch.

The first person that earns 10 points wins.


How to Play Sketchy Rolls BS