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S.I.T. Cards

S.I.T. Cards

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Sometimes, our creativity tank sits on E. Let our S.I.T. cards jump-start your ideas. Featuring Systematic Inventive Thinking (S.I.T.) methodology, these cards harness the power of structure to unlock innovation. By embracing constraints within the "closed world" of existing products, services, or processes, these techniques foster breakthrough thinking—a strategy trusted by industry giants like Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola to fuel ongoing innovation.

The S.I.T. cards methodically guide you through a generative thinking processes including Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and Task Unification. Each card guides you through the steps of innovating your product, service, or process, encouraging you to think differently and apply these techniques to generate novel solutions. Whether you're brainstorming in a team setting or flying solo, these cards are designed to streamline the creative process and inspire a fresh perspective.

Dive into the systematic approach that has revolutionized problem-solving across industries. Perfect for innovators, educators, and anyone looking to push the envelope, these cards are your toolkit for thinking outside the box—by redefining it.

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